We want to hear the voices of wisdom in our communities.

In each volume of the 144 Series, we select one hundred and forty four specialists of uplifting spirituality. Each contributes his/her best, favorite, single-most important life-changing wisdom.

But more than that, we learn why and how that particular wisdom changed the author, and how it will be of benefit to our own souls. How it will contribute to our own healing, happiness and success as human beings on the Path.

These authors are all specialists in their field, dedicated to bringing beauty, happiness and healing to the world. Our 144-Series together with the 77-Series of publications amplify the river of Light we are all working to keep flowing in this time of renewal.


Are you a specialist in a spiritual art?

Are you a light worker, Reiki practitioner, chakra healer or prana therapist, empath, indigo or new thought specialist, angel healer, energy healer, a coach or spiritual guide / counselor, yoga teacher or meditation teacher or the like? You can be a published author. We want to hear your heart and share in your wisdom. You work with Divine Energies and the Force of Life every day. These things are always on your mind. We can, and we want to learn from you.

Your voice can be heard. You can be a published author, much sooner than you ever thought.

Contribute your favorite quote and 600 words of your personal wisdom; what the quote means, or how it changed your life.

You will occupy THREE pages in the book. One and half page (600 words) for your wisdom and half page for your profile with a B&W face picture.

Launch your career as a published author in the field of spirituality today.

Every volume is guaranteed to be a top seller. You have our marketing team behind it, but most importantly, we have 144 co-authors who promote the book on their Facebook profiles and web pages along with early bird specials, pre-launch online events and 144 videos of co-authors on YouTube, linked to marketing campaigns--all following our step by step easy to handle marketing techniques. This will get your name out there, for sure!

All Acharya authors get to have an author page on our website. Here is an example, this is Jean du Plessis' author page, he is one of our editors. Launch your career as a published author in the field of spirituality today.

Sign up today and reserve your spot in the next volume to be published. 2016 can be your year to become a bona-fide published author (not a self-published author, a bona fide author).


Spiritual Therapeutics

Be a Multiple-Published Author

Easy to get Published

what is the easiest way to get a publisher to publish my writing

1. Read up. Select a Volume Title and Topic you want to write to

2. Sign up. Submit a notice of intent to publish within 120 days, your article, quote or book

3. An Editor will accept/reject or work with you on the proposal. Write the piece and submit. Done

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