Acarya Publishing. What happens when 77 expes each write 4 pages of wisom in one book? Magic happens. You can get published this yea, you can be a publsihed author.

About Acharya Publishing 

pronounced ah-cha-rea 


Acharya Publishing is an imprint of Wayist Publishing. The focus of Acharya is to publish works of non-fiction in the New Thought spirituality and New Age spirituality genre that are informative, uplifting, even educational.

Acharya introduced two new book series in 2016. The 77-Series, and the 144-Series. Both series' are positioned to lead the imprint’s sales figures for several years. Both series will be expanded during the 2nd half of 2016 to offer an even wider selection.

Acharya’s 77-series features 77 four-page lessons from seventy-seven different experts in various spiritual arts.

Acharya 144-series features 144 two-page quotes and anecdotes from one hundred and forty-four different specialists in spirituality in each volume.

A unique aspect common to the two series is that is gives voice to otherwise unheard wisdom and practical insights of seasoned leaders in their respective fields. We believe that these individuals have important contributions to make to the New Awareness of this age. 

Acharya draws English-language contributions from all over the world. Variety of insight and experience is important to Acharya‘s mission.

We reach out to specialists in the spiritual arts who may be involved in any of several disciplines. Some practice as light workers, Reiki masters, chakra or prana therapist, empath, indigo or new thought specialist, angel healer, energy healer, a coach or spiritual guide / counselor, life coach or yoga teacher, or meditation teacher, or the like?


*The Sanskrit word ācāryā is the female form of the word āchārya that denotes ‘spiritual teacher’.



Be a Multiple-Published Author

Easy to get Published

what is the easiest way to get a publisher to publish my writing

1. Read up. Select a Volume Title and Topic you want to write to

2. Sign up. Submit a notice of intent to publish within 120 days, your article, quote or book

3. An Editor will accept/reject or work with you on the proposal. Write the piece and submit. Done

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