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FAQs - All FAQs

There are many factors involved in this and an answer may only assume certain conditions. The following brief points may help to answer this question.

1. We enlist authors on a first-come first-served basis. 

2. It takes several months to compile and publish a book

3. The sooner you enroll, the sooner you will be published

4. The sooner your final material is signed off by your Editor, the sooner you will be published

5. If your manuscript is not finally signed off by your Editor, you may be pushed to the next scheduled publication

6. It is sometimes possible, if both Editors agree, to move your intended publication to another Title about to be published. Alternatively, you may wish to tweak your manuscript to fit in with another about-to-be-published Title.

7. Given that the signup fee is paid and all material is on schedule, chances are very good that you will be published on schedule as discussed by your Editor when you signed up.

Author Advantage publishing has a principle regarding fees. It is always stated upfront, and always transparent. No fine print catches. At Acharya Publishing, our list of fees is somewhat smaller than regular publishers. Below are all the fees:

  • Sign-up fee $98. This fee is refundable 95% when you do not deliver the material as agreed, after 120 days.
  • Fee to be included in the eBook and other electronic publishing media $1. This is a fee for legal purposes. When you pay this and we accept, we (you and us) have a legal contract with a "consideration" as they say.
  • Fee to be included in social network and other marketing campaigns $1. As aforementioned.
  • Fee to have your work featured in top spirituality blogs $1. As aforementioned.


Lets assume you are On Topic, your work is Original and it appeals to our Audience. You have read Top 7 Reasons Why Manuscripts Are Rejected

If all the above hold true, your manuscript was most probably rejected because of either/or or both: A) you have too many style, grammar and spelling mistakes and B) because you really have not yet learned how to tell a good story on paper.

Fortunately, there are remedies for both A and B above, you can still be publsihed

A) This is easy to fix, all you need is the will

  • You should have invested in a good grammar and style software better than Grammarly (say I, but not everyone agrees). ProWriting Aid is a good start.
  • It is not only impolite to ignore MSWord's spell and grammar checker, it is irresponsible but you can fix that, easily. 
  • You can ask your Editor for a suggestion of someone who would edit your work for you. Normal rates are approx $40 for a typical 77-Series or 144-Series submission. 
Type of Work Estimated Pace Range of Fees
Editing, basic copyediting 5-10 ms pgs/hr $30-40/hr
Editing, heavy copyediting 2–5 ms pgs/hr $40–50/hr
Editing, website copyediting   $40-50/hr
Editing, developmental 1–5 pgs/hr $45–55/hr
  • You learn by reviewing the work an editor has done for you

B) This is not as easy to fix because you have to learn an art.

  • You can learn by attending creative writing classes online or at your local College
  • You can learn by paying a copy-editor or a ghost writer to fix your work, and then pay attention to the changes. Rates may be approx $100 for a typical 77-Series or 144-Series submission when ghost-written for you. However, shop around. Remember though that not all writers are equally talented.  

Authors who contributed to 77-series and 144-series titles do not earn royalties but benefit in other ways.

First, why no royalties?

90% of authors make no money, and their books sell no more than 100 copies during its lifetime. This is the reality of the publishing industry today. There is a good reason why Amazon makes very good on giving books away for free--because authors give their books away for free only to know that someone actually read their work. We are very aware of the state of the industry and that is why we invent alternative models, like Acharya Publishing where we all share in the benefits of the collaborative effort.

If we had to share the average earned royalty, which is today around $0.80 nett between 77 or 144 authors an individual author's share would be what, 1.3cent for 77-series and 0.5cent for 144-Series, per copy sold. 

If we had to pay royalties, if not only for the time involved, we would not be able to afford these projects.

We share the costs

Authors contribute a low percentage of the total production and marketing costs with their low fees. 

Acharya pays all the costs and carries a large risk, which will be offset only when and if we all enjoy sufficient sales.

What benefits do we share?

Acharya is not a money making division in Wayist Publishing. Anyone with a calculator can do the math to know that. However, it is important to us to launch careers in the spirituality awareness, and to launch new authors. We benefit tremendously in the knowing that we helped 77 or 144 new authors to get published, in that we got the wisdom of a hundred new spiritual voices out to the world, and in knowing that we spread the awareness that is so important to us as individuals who work here. We cannot however afford to carry losses and we live in the hope that sufficient sales will offset our costs. We also benefit when new authors one day start to publish full books of 300+ pages, when both us and the author may make some money.

Authors share tremendously in that their publishing careers are launched and given a push that is often totally beyond the scope of even seasoned published authors. Several seasoned published authors join in the Acharya program because of the benefits it holds for writers and people with careers in the spiritual industry. You cannot buy the prestige and exposure you get with this program even for several thousand dollars on the open market. There is no need to spell this out, the scenario is self-evident.

see How do we do Marketing

Imagine you have written a full book, that is 350+ pages or 130,000 words. Over several (usually no less than 8) complete edits, you have finally after several years got your book ready for publishing. Now, learn the POD trade and get your book on Amazon. Now starts the marking.

You hope your family and friends will buy and that is why you have Facebook. You don't want to spend more than $5,000 on marketing so you make author appearances, get on book launch blogs and do Facebook ads, etc. After all that, how did you do against the other million titles launched through Amazon that year? All of us here at Acharya have walked down that road.

Now, imagine you have 100 co-authors who each have Facebooks and networks and all have had Acharya training and have access to professional book-marketing material...its a different scenario. You WILL be read, your name WILL get out there because we are ALL in this together. This is the huge Acharya Publishing advantage that we all share.


For multi-author books, like the Acharya series', the industry often uses the term Volume Editors. This Editor's job is much different to that of a copy editor. An Editor will make use of a copy editor.

The Editor is herself a subject matter specialist, often an authority in the field. Editors are themselves seasoned writers and previously published authors.

The Editor goes through the process of selecting and preparing written works that will convey a coherent book that holds together and remains true to its mission, and is pleasing to its intended audience. The editing process can involve correction, condensation, organization, and many other modifications performed with an intention of producing a correct, consistent, accurate and complete work

The Editor is also the project editor or production editor, who sees the copy through its stages from manuscript to bound book and usually assumes most of the budget and schedule responsibilities.

Before the manuscript is delivered to the publisher it has undergone substantive and linguistic editing by the volume's editor, who often works independently of the publisher.

Editors may organize anthologies and other compilations, produce definitive editions, and organize and manage contributions to a multi-author book.

Acharya Volume Editors work on a flat rate to compensate only for the time estimated it should take to complete the project. 


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Congratulations on being published!! Two years is making good time, you must have worked very hard.

All authors and subject matter experts need as much exposure as possible to ensure their book-marketing efforts yield the best results. 

Acharya Publishing was brought to light to help experts and authors with less than 5 books under their belts get discovered.

One thing that will help a LOT in your marketing and career launch program is to be published in a collection alongside several peers, and also enjoy status of having been published and peer reviewed at the same time. This is exactly what Acharya Publishing is about.

As a writer and subject matter expert, you know very well how near-impossible it is to become known and respected as a trusted resource by the paying public. Acharya Publishing invented a mechanism to help you get discovered and to put your personal brand on the map among other experts.

The best advice is to always write what you know. Write where your heart is.

If this is not possible, because you are in a position where you MUST write about something else, research is the only option. I mean, this is what journalists and serial novelists do all the time. Yet, again, if you have the luxury to pick a topic at least pick something about which you have a good feeling. That way you may bring that magical element, a fresh outlook and new passion--things that readers notice very quickly.

Solid research matures your approach and viewpoints.

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One should never be discouraged from writing, based only on the numbers. We write because we build our brand, we write because we must. We wish it were different and all authors be assured to make money, but it aint so and it wont change for the better.

In the USA, one thousand new books are published every day. Together, the USA, Canada, UK and Australia publish one thousand six hundred new books every day. 

In the week that most authors market their own books, they compete against no less than forty thousand (40,000) new books being pushed in THAT MONTH only.

The difference that Acharya Publishing makes with its 77-series and 144-series is that you are not alone. Unlike the forty thousand other authors (above), you have 77 or 144 (including the publisher) co-authors and stakeholders in the publication. Your collective marketing efforts are therefore 7,700% and 14,400% respectively more effective than the solo author launching at the same time. That is just ONE example of the Acharya difference.


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