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Jean du Plessis is a professional in the field of spirituality, a pneumatologist. He works as a writer of course material in his field, as author of several published books and novels, as teacher, coach and spiritual counselor.

Jean writes and collaborates on publications, edits, blogs and authors hundreds of web pages.

His academic training includes Christian seminary studies and a degree in Biblical Studies and World Religions.

Jean lives in Ontario, Canada and Siem Reap, Cambodia where he conducts spiritual tours, advanced training and seminars.

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PRONUNCIATION and Saucy Family Scandals

Cardinal Armand Jean Richelieu du Plessis

Jean is the French version of the Biblical name John. Pronounced jhaa (the French way, pull your mouth to the left and gesture).  Du Plessis, which means 'from the district Plessis', is pronounced doo plehsee. His full name, therefore, is pronounced jhaa prehuh doo plehSee. Do you understand now why Jean became a writer - not having to talk to people as much - he has a hard time introducing himself to people.

The last time Jean Prieur du Plessis spoke French was about three hundred years ago - he was the original namesake, the one who abandoned the family's heritage, the district of Plessis in France, along with the castle and the towns. Why? Because he disagreed with France's adoption of Catholicism - he liked the Protestant party. He took the entire Du Plessis family away from France. Moved to South Africa to work for the Dutch as a medical doctor. Today, there are more than fifty thousand Du Plessis in that country. 

Now here's a thing. When Jean Prieur du Plessis took all the family and left France - one young cousin stayed behind. By design, or by accident, we do not know, but what we do know is that he was the effeminate cousin, a gay Du Plessis, named Richelieu Armand Jean, the one who had gonorrhea. Being the sole surviving Du Plessis in Plessis, the king called Richelieu Armand Jean in to make him the bishop of Plessis, as was custom. Well, young, Richelieu Armand Jean charmed the pants off (sorry:) not only the king of France, but also his mother. Soon, the king's mother convinced the king to allow Richelieu Armand Jean to take over several of the king's responsibilities. Not too long it took, for Richelieu Armand Jean to take over and run France for more than a decade. He was good, especially in the diplomatic arena. Made it into the movies too - he was the Cardinal in charge of France when the three Musketeers ran amok. He made it to Canada as well. He founded Quebec, where in the 1930s another duPlessis (Premier Maurice) added more damage to Canada. 

I must conclude this by saying, most of the above comes from the family, passed down from generation to generation. Others, like historians for example, do not necessarily agree with the small detail, here is their version.



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Book: Universal Gateway of Enlightenment: The 2nd coming of Jesus as Lord of the World in c.78AD

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Universal Gateway of Enlightenment


 Book: CSCi: The Murderous MILF

Author. Illustrated young reader chapter book ages 8 to 88

Publisher: Wayist Publishing (May, 2015)

CSCi series, vol 1: The Murderous MILF/ duPlessis Jean Prieur, 1st ed. ISBN-13: 


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 Book: The Story of Lokesvara: Savior of the World

Author. Khmer/English book about the story of Lokesvara (Avalokiteshvara in Skt.), the World Saviour, a spiritual entity who dominated in the Angkor Kingdom and still influences the spirituality of the Khmer people. The Bayon Temple is among those dedicated to the Saviour.

Publisher: Wayist Publishing (May, 2015)

The Story of Lokesvara: Savior of the World / duPlessis, Jean Prieur. English/Khmer edition

ISBN-13: 978-0-9878015-6-2

Amazon: available Summer 2015



 Book: Butterfly in my Soul: for young people

Author. Illustrated children's book ages 6 to 10

Publisher: Wayist Publishing (May, 2015)

Butterfly in my Soul/ duPlessis Jean Prieur, 1st ed. ISBN-13: 


Amazon: available Summer 2015


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Book: WAYISM: The Primary Text; 2 edition (February 16, 2014)

Editor in Chief. Philosophy / Spirituality

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Book: The Eastern Bible: 2012 version

Editor in Chief. Philosophy / Spirituality

  • Paperback: 632 pages
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  • Language: English
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