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Traditional Publishing…well, to say the politest least, it sucks. Not author friendly at all, share price friendly is what they are.

So what do you do? Buy shares in the traditional publishing companies and go self-publishing?

Self-publishing is the way most authors are going nowadays and we agree with, and support the trend. Self-publishing is however not as simple as uploading your manuscript to the printer and voila! there's a book. Anyone in doubt should one day try that and take a step back to review the notes of the true quality of their product compared to professionals, and the amount of money they spend. 





First, the manuscript needs attention from outsiders. Authors get engrossed in their work and after the 22nd complete type-edit and the 24th copy-edit of the manuscript, no sane person can still see the wood for the trees. We know, we have been there. Then, there's the matter of book design. If you think that book design is easy enough for an inexperienced person to do, then you definitely need a book designer on your project. Book marketing is another kettle of fish. 

We walk with authors over that bridge between the manuscript and the final product. We share resources and our collective experience to help authors bring their work to market. We leverage the crowd-marketing concept that we created. Most 85% of our authors use marketing strategies that also punt other Wayist Publishing and Acharya Publishing authors.



Design and Bookmaking

Cover design is as much an art and skill as interior template design. Both are absolutely crucial for doing justice to your hard work. The competition is stiff (no pun intended) and your book must stand its man, stand out, out there.

As an author you probably know as much about which three fonts go best together to tell your story than what we know about truth in politics. Keep it that way, concentrate on doing what you do best.

You don’t have to learn to work Adobe’s InDesign to do your digital typesetting, use your time to create a marketing network, write bios and book synopses and articles for publication to boost your author profile.






You need a press kit with several bios. Different word count bios for different purposes. Headshots that tell the right story. Book synopses in different word counts for different uses. Back cover text. Front matter and back matter. A foreword perhaps. A professionally looking book site and author website. Sell sheets, and more. But don’t worry, we have your back on this, we have templates and ideas, and editing assistance.

You need a network of networks to sell your book. Which book reviewer blogs and podcasts like to highlight what your book is about. We specialize in harnessing the power of social media but that is not the bee and end of all, there are better ideas that give very good results. We will show you how.

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