WAYism Consciousness

Wayist Publishing is entirely volunteer driven and funded. We have been creating books, courses and websites for People of theWAY worldwide since 1995.

We need the help of text editors, bookmakers, graphic artists, video and graphic artists, cource creators, website managers, chocolate chip cookie bakers, social media account mods, coordinators, and only a few millionaire donors.

Unauthorized Books

Amazon lists the below book about theWAY and Wayism. It seems to have been AI scraped from our websites and publications. The book is not authorized by Wayism International.

Trademarks (TM)

theWAY and Wayism and Wayist are trademarks registered in most English-language countries. Several groups of People of theWAY have registered trademark variations in other languages in other own countries, for example derWEG, elCAMINO, dieWEG.


All authorised publications are Copyright (c) Wayism International, and Wayism Association of Wayist Organizations.