theWAY of Magadhalene Sutras

Volume 1

Mari of Magadha spent more time training and living with the Lord Iesous than any other human being. Mari, once an enslaved child prostitute, devoted more than sixty years of her life in service to the Lord and the Wayist cause. She traveled with Iesous for about ten years throughout Northern India, Kashmir and Pakistan, Iraq and Judea. As his foremost disciple, Mari was present when Iesous met with the Gondophares family in Kashmir, when he founded the Wayist community in the Himalaya areas of Chitral and Nuristan, and at cross in Judea where Iesous died his human body, she was also present when he proceeded from the grave. In 78AD, when the Lotus Sutra was revealed in Kashmir—Mari was there.

Mari founded what Christians today call the Johannine Community. She wrote the original Gospel of the Beloved Disciple (today called the 4th Gospel, once called the Gospel According to John). She established Wayist communities among marginalized women in Kashmir, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Aksum. This, the first in a series of three collections of letters and writings was used by the early Magadhalenes to train teachers in their tradition.

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