theWAY of The Authentia

The iconic ancient text that safeguards the philosophical and ontological principles of the WAY

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The book is 75 pages, and does not come in a hardcover version.

The Authentia dates to the 1st century CE. It is the earliest complete text of teachings of theWAY. Several other books date earlier, but none are as complete. The Sumerian text of 4,500 years ago is discussed in the book, Child on Enki, You are in EnLil, is very significant, but not as complete as The Authentia.

“The Authentia: Ancient Wayist Wisdom of the Mystic Masters” 

For millennia, The Authentia has been a guiding light for seekers of truth, cherished in the hallowed halls of Wayist training centers. Now, for the first time, this sacred text is being shared with the world. 

This edition presents The Authentia in its purest form – unadorned and unembellished, as it has been passed down through generations of Wayist masters. Traditionally elucidated by teachers for their students, the text is now offered in its raw essence, inviting readers to engage directly with its profound wisdom. 

Though concise, The Authentia contains depths of meaning that reveal themselves through devoted study and contemplation. Its enigmatic verses have the power to spark transformation, offering invaluable insights to both novice and advanced Wayist scholars. 

  • Uncover the cosmic origins of theWAY 
  • Explore the nature of the Absolute, Source, and Divine energies 
  • Understand the nature of the Heaven of our type of being and its Butterfly Path 
  • Gain wisdom on the soul’s journey through multiple incarnations 
  • Discover keys to spiritual awakening and enlightenment 

The Authentia invites you to drink from the wellspring of primordial wisdom. Let its timeless teachings illuminate your path and guide you to the realization of your highest spiritual potential. 


Wayists, delve into the very foundations of our tradition with The Authentia – the cornerstone text that has shaped Wayism philosophy for ages. Previously accessible only to a select few, this esoteric masterpiece is now available to all sincere seekers. 

This groundbreaking publication presents The Authentia in its original, unembellished form. For centuries, this text was carefully explicated by Wayist teachers to their students. Now, you have the unique opportunity to engage directly with its raw wisdom, allowing for a deeply personal and transformative experience. 

The Authentia offers a direct connection to the mystical revelations that birthed Wayism. Its concise yet profound verses contain layer upon layer of meaning, rewarding deep contemplation and repeated study. Whether you’re a longtime Wayist or newly drawn to our path, The Authentia will enrich your understanding and accelerate your spiritual growth. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with one of the most significant texts in Wayist history. Let The Authentia be your guide to unlocking the deepest mysteries of existence and your own divine nature. 

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