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The analogy of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly sets the stage for this truly transformative book that gathers the vast knowledge of spiritual Teachers throughout history to present us with the Butterfly Path – A spiritual journey through the lifetimes of learning that are involved in reaching our ultimate goal – to graduate from the school of life and return to our Source, via The Butterfly Path.

This book results from a decade of presenting workshops on the Butterfly Path—changing people’s lives all over the world. It is an uplifting and informative guide to enrich and deepen your worldview. Butterfly Path helps you make sense of the inner struggles we all face. If you have a longing in your soul for more, you owe it to yourself to open your mind to the possibilities of a better path, soar to the Butterfly Path.The Butterfly Path is a book of true transformation. As a humble caterpillar morphs into a magnificent butterfly, so too is our spiritual transformation on our journey through lifetimes of learning. Each of us with a common purpose, to live the joyous and sensuous adventure of life via the Butterfly Path. This book dives right into the dirt of the human (caterpillar) dilemma of ‘becoming’ a spiritual being (butterfly). The Wayist spiritual philosophy challenges readers to let go of long-held, spirit depriving, mental constraints and embrace the healing energy in all things. Readers are guided through the snares of mindless existence and blind apathy this world lays for us.

Butterfly Path gently touches on the influences at play in our lives which would rob our joy and cause us to live unauthentically. We learn that we can live harmoniously with those who would manipulate us, drain our energy reserves, or aim to control, once we are at ease with our true selves, and learn to control our own minds.

Butterfly People realize they are not alone in their struggle to metamorphosize beyond the limiting caterpillar worldview; we can all harness the divine energy within to protect, enrich and grow our spirit. Empathy deepens as the reader realizes we are all on a learning journey in this Earth school.

The Wayist philosophy of promoting humility and loving-kindness opens those on this path to understanding the purpose of their life and how it may be embraced more fully. The enlightened spirit is able to appreciate the senses and pleasures often disregarded in other paths.

This book is an uplifting and informative guide for all souls to enrich and deepen their spiritual study. Likewise, Butterfly Path will help you make sense of the inner struggles we are all challenged by. If you have a longing in your soul for more, you owe it to yourself to open your mind to the possibilities of a better path, soar to the Butterfly Path.

Butterfly Path answers the vitally important questions, “what is the purpose of life,” and “what is the difference between soul and spirit, and mind”. This wisdom helps us unearth our spiritual faculties to beautify our lives and bring meaning to our existence.

Wayism is universal – mystic teachers in every religion, from Gautama Buddha, Teacher Jesus, LaoTzi, Guanyin, Bodhidharma, Kabir, Rumi, Janabai, and the Yogic teachings, speak the same language when it comes to the highest wisdom in spirituality—they speak Butterfly language.

When your soul outgrows religion it leaves a void, which Butterfly Path fills to take you to the next level of Consciousness.

The Path is simple, humble and filled with sensuousness and loving-kindness for self and all creation. Regardless of one’s religious dogma, personal beliefs, group culture, gender, affluence, or education– all are part of the Way and all spirits yearn to be in harmony with the Way. Through the subtle spiritual energies in and around our physical world we are able to engage with universal, timeless energy and its source wisdom.

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