theWAY Eastern Bible: 2012 Version

“The Eastern Bible” is of historic interest to People of the WAY. It is a collection of Holy Scriptures revered by a particular group of Wayists since the 1st century. These devotees followed Jesus’ ministry across Galilee, Syria, Turkey, Persia, Parthia, the Hindu-Kush, and Gandhara, transitioning from formal religions to Wayism while maintaining their connection to ancient scriptures.

Jean du Plessis provides an extensive introduction to 1st century Wayism. This edition features over a thousand footnotes, a concordance, and a devotional section containing ancient rites used by religious converts to Wayism. It focuses on those who left Judaism “for the mountains” as instructed by the Lord, with Thomas Didymus establishing a community for them in Kashmir and Nuristan. This formed the earliest Wayist church, known as the Community of the East or Church of the East.

The Eastern Bible contains ancient versions of the Acts of Yesu, Acts of Thomas, Bhagavad Gita, Book of Wisdom, and Daodejing, among others.

Although the original Church of the East was later taken over by Christians who burned the “eastern bible” and converted remaining devotees, Wayism continued to exist in the region. The movement, which does not require temples or formal churches, even survived the Islamic expansion six centuries later.

An earlier hardcover edition was produced for years by St. Origen’s, an African monastery, until the late 1980s. This 2012 Edition is a paperback reproduction of the old English-language version.

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