theWAY to the Heart Mind

Teachings Unique to Wayism:: Live with Purpose, Peace and Clarity in a Chaotic World

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In a world of chaos and confusion, “theWAY to the Heart Mind” presents a roadmap to inner peace and profound understanding. This book unveils the unique teachings of Wayism, an ancient spiritual tradition that speaks to the modern seeker. 

Inside, you’ll discover: 

• The true purpose of human life and your place in the cosmic dance 

• How to cultivate self-knowledge and authenticity 

• The power of Attitude in shaping your reality 

• Wisdom on relationships, parenting, and partnership 

• Techniques for energy management and spiritual growth 

• The metaphysics of prayer, salvation, and divine connection 

Author Jean Prieur du Plessis distills millennia of Wayist wisdom into practical insights for daily living. Whether you’re questioning life’s meaning or seeking a philosophy to guide you through turbulent times, this book offers a compassionate and wise companion for your journey. 

“theWAY to the Heart Mind” is not just a book—it’s an invitation to transform your life. Embrace the Butterfly Path, unlock your spiritual potential, and discover a way of being that brings joy, purpose, and deep fulfillment. 

Begin your journey on theWAY today. 

"In 'theWAY to the Heart Mind,' Jean Prieur du Plessis proposed to write about the unique teachings of theWAY wisdom, but succeeded in also crafting a masterful guide to the essence of Wayist wisdom and made it helpful and practical for newcomers. This book is both a beacon for seekers and a mirror for the soul, offering profound insights with remarkable clarity. It beautifully weaves our ancient truths with practical guidance, inviting readers to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. For those yearning to find meaning in life's complexities, this work is an invaluable companion, illuminating theWAY with compassion, wisdom, and grace." 

- Salvar Dàosenglu, Editorial team of “Primary Teaching theWAY,” “The Authentia” and “Child of Enki, you are in EnLil”.

QUOTES from Heart Mind

“Soul people, those whose consciousness is primarily governed by their soul minds, often find themselves drawn to the realm of the material, their priorities shaped by the desires and impulses of their lower nature. They are prone to power-seeking, domination, competition, tribalism, identity crises, getting something for nothing, hoarding resources.”   

“theWAY to the Heart Mind: Teachings Unique to Wayism”, by Jean Prieur du Plessis. 

“In contrast, spirit-people are those whose consciousness has begun to awaken to the higher dimensions of their being. Their spirit minds rule over their soul minds, keeping them at bay, changing them, sanctifying them. Guided by the wisdom of their spirit minds, they are drawn to the path of spiritual growth and self-realization, their values and ethics increasingly aligned with the principles of unity, compassion, and service.”  

“theWAY to the Heart Mind: Teachings Unique to Wayism”, by Jean Prieur du Plessis. 

“In the mystical garden of existence, where the eternal dance of transformation and evolution unfolds, the Butterfly Path emerges as a sacred school, a celestial academy where human souls embark upon the ultimate journey of self-development, evolution, and metamorphosis.”  

“theWAY to the Heart Mind: Teachings Unique to Wayism”, by Jean Prieur du Plessis. 

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