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The 2nd coming of Jesus as Lord of the World in 78AD

A PERSONAL SPIRITUALITY OF INNER PEACE AND BEAUTY OF SOUL”Guaranteed to forever change the way you view spirituality and the purpose of life.”
Three Wise Men from the East, spiritual leaders from three world religions were not only the first devotees, but also sponsors of the Great Incarnation known as Iesous, Issa, Jesus, Yesu, and Oesho the world over. He works from Egypt to North India inspiring reforms in religions, advocating individual spirituality and equal rights for women. 

Deeply revered 1st century Sanskrit literature from North India tells of the Lord’s teaching about Amita Abha (Skt) our Abha (Light) Father in Heaven, who is not the Unnamable Creator but the most compassionate and greatest of spiritual beings known to humankind. Amitabha, our Father in Heaven is an omnibenevolent being. We learn of Iesous’ co-worker, whose Sanskrit title is the Holy Spirit who brings Great Wisdom. And we learn about the evolution of souls and the need for us to born again as spiritual beings (enlightenment).

The Lord teaches The Way of Humility, Simplicity and Compassion–and universal enlightenment for all sentient beings. We receive the most beautiful mantra ever–Om Mani Padme Hum and the wonderful teachings of PranjaParamita upon which the Zen tradition was built.

The Lord’s ministry was a huge success, most notably in the East where Mahayana Buddhism immediately espoused the Lord’s gentle Way. Soon, Hinduism followed and adopted / adapted icons of the Lord. By the 4th century already, Daoism incorporated the Lord as the chief spiritual helper of humankind. A reformation movement in Judaism came about, not known as The Way, but as the Christians because they awaited the Judaic military-style Messiah. 

Today, almost two billion people know of the peace and beauty of the Lord. His gift to us is a non-religious, non-denominational, personal and intimate spirituality. A relationship with spiritual beings never before held by humans. It brings hope, peace and purpose to our lives and helps us advocate for human rights and care for mother Earth. The personal transformation, spiritual power and infusion of grace in our souls is an amazing life experience without which a life is surely wasted.

This is the greatest good news story ever told. The full story of the Great Incarnation known in the West as Jesus, the one who was cared for by Easterners from birth, but later in his career died at the hands of Mid-Eastern religious intolerance–the one who came back in 78AD in spiritual form along with thousands of spiritual helpers, to walk The Way with us as we fulfill the purpose of life.

“For just as lightning comes
from the East and is seen
even to the West,
so will be the coming
of the Son of Man.”
Mt 24:27

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